Getting into music editing

2015-03-07 23:41:55 by Lionelion

So just last semester, I started taking a music editing course, and I really happened to love it, so much in fact that I switched my major and am going into electronic music/editing. Im taking more courses in the same subject this semester as well. So far im still pretty new, but Ive already submitted my very first three (semi-decent) songs to the portal, so give them a listen and tell me what im doing wrong. 


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2015-10-14 01:03:40

Music editing, huh?

I trust that you'll be fighting against the Knights of Dubious Dynamic Range in the Loudness Wars, right?

Lionelion responds:

But of course! I cant let those fiends win, after all!


2015-10-14 01:13:37

Nice to see you're exploring new things. Only thing I would suggest is try experimenting with making one of your own songs as well, it doesn't have to be perfect and if you don't want to submit it that is fine. I'm just saying don't limit yourself to remixes.

More or less I just play around with notes until I find a melody I can work with.
I have always used FL Studio, I'd totally recommend it.

Lionelion responds:

I actually have FL Studio! Im learning how to use it via self teaching, slowly but surely, so once I feel confident enough to actually use the program well enough, i'll start submitting things