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I have a discord

2017-10-19 19:20:45 by Lionelion

I dont even know why I have one.

Come join me if you wanna just hang and chat, as I spend almost all my time on Discord nowadays

Getting into music editing

2015-03-07 23:41:55 by Lionelion

So just last semester, I started taking a music editing course, and I really happened to love it, so much in fact that I switched my major and am going into electronic music/editing. Im taking more courses in the same subject this semester as well. So far im still pretty new, but Ive already submitted my very first three (semi-decent) songs to the portal, so give them a listen and tell me what im doing wrong. 

Two thousand and fifteen

2015-01-06 13:26:07 by Lionelion

Welp, its the new year. I hope good things happen

Hey, I made a song, check it out!

A lack of news postings

2014-10-08 20:43:39 by Lionelion

So I know I havent been updating this so much, but there really hasnt been much to talk about. However, a few things happened recently that I figured I could at least update you guys with, if nothing else.

So first off, Smash Bros 3DS came out on the 3rd! Ive been playing it pretty much non-stop(as much non-stop as schoolwork will allow), and Ive been quite impressed with what it has to offer. I wont go into a full review of it here, but suffice to say that if youve been a fan of the games, this one wont let you down. Plus, you can now finally Smash on the go! Official website be here

Next, October has finally rolled around, and you all know what that means: Holloween! Yes, Holloween is one of my favorite times of the year, and even though I dont go trick-or-treating anymore, I still like to dress up, go to parties, and eat candy! If any of you plan on dressing up this year, tell me what you'll be dressing up as, I'd love to hear!

Lastly, School. The main reason Ive had such a lack of news posts is mainly because ive been busy with all my schoolwork. Im taking a music software and editing course this semester, which takes up a lot more of my time than I initially thought it would. I really like the course though, so even though ive been busy, ive been liking some of the work ive been doing. 

So thats all for me for right now. Heres a question to leave you all with something to think about: Would you do something inherantly evil in order to save a friend?

No E

2014-07-20 04:22:56 by Lionelion

So in this blog post, you wont catch wind of any stupid 5th symbols, you'll look at all glorious symbols that lurk within this blog post. Why do a blog post such as this you might ask? I dunno, just for fun, and if I could. I gotta say though, its darn tough. You gotta think about all words you wanna say. Rrgh, this is hard! Okay, you know what? I quit, this is too hard. I thought I could do this, but not now. I'll work on this, okay guys? Anyways, look at this

Oh, and Happy Robot Day!

(I know, this is short, but this is actually tough. If I can think that I can add to this at a point that isnt right now, I will)

E3 2014!

2014-06-10 21:48:40 by Lionelion

So heres what caught my eye while watching the Nintendo digital event!

Heres the link for Nintendo at E3

First off, gotta mention Kirby: Rainbow Curse! Set for 2015, but its got clay graphics, really weird! Other than that though, kinda looking like a Canvas Curse remake...

Smash Bros Tournament happened! It all came down to Zero Suit Samus vs Kirby in the end! Zero Suit Samus won out in a Sudden Death, it was really intense! Also, new characters were announced! Palutena from KIU, and Mii Fighters! And Pacman...?(yes, pacman)

Hyrule Warriors! OR/AS(Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)! Yoshi Wooley World! Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Mario Maker! Bayonetta 2! Splatoon! All of these were announced/looked at, and they all just look awesome! I'll go into a little detail about each of em...

Hyrule Warriors: If youve ever played a Dynasty Warriors game, its similar to that, except set in the Legend of Zelda Universe. So far all we know is that Zelda, Link, Impa, and Midna are playable in the game, each with their own unique moveset.

Yoshi Wooley World: Remember Yarn Yoshi that got announced like, what, 2 years ago? Well they finally gave it an actual title, and it looks a lot different than it did from before! Y'know, in a better way. Its 2-player now too, i'll let you decide if thats a good thing or not.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: If youve played New Super Mario World U, you'll remember those Captain Toad stages that were in there. Well, apparently it was so popular, that he got his own game. Its pretty much exactly what you'd expect, only you arent collecting stars, and the areas are bigger for you to explore.

Mario Maker: Its probably exactly what you think it is. Youre just making levels in a Mario game. You can do some pretty cool stuff though, as you have access to just about every little detail. The cool thing for this game though is that you can set the graphics to be like the original Super Mario Bros, or you can set the graphics to be those of New Super Mario Bros U. Go for retro, or go for recent. Looks pretty nifty if youre into level design

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: This was announced before E3, but we got to see a little more of what it'll be like. If youve been keeping up with pokemon related info, the Hoenn starters got mega-evolutions, and all the major characters got a makeover. Looking pretty cool.

Bayonetta 2: I honestly dont know much about this one, but it just looked wicked awesome. Its getting released, coming bundled with Bayonetta 1, so if you havent played the first one, no fear, you can play both of them for the price of one.

Splatoon: Its a 8 player, 4v4 online game, all about splattering an area with ink. Matches are decided kinda king of the hill style-ish, whoever has the most ink splattered by the time that time is up wins the match. The cool thing is that while youre shooting ink all over, you can also turn into a squid and move through your own ink that youve just layed down, making it possible to climb up walls and such.

I cant really do any of these games justice with just words, so you'll have to head over to the website I linked above and check em all out yourselves.

There was also this new tech called Amiibo. Its apparently just little action figures on stands that connect to your WiiU console and inteact with the games youre playing. If you know what Skylanders is, and how that works, it'll probably be similar to that. The first game to integrate this will be Smash Bros!

Oh yeah, theres also a new LoZ and a new StarFox game on the horizon...

PAX East 2014!

2014-04-03 16:36:26 by Lionelion

So for the first time ever, im going to be attending PAX East! Normally I wouldnt be able to attend any of the PAX conferences, mainly due to how far away I am, and lack of transportation, but seeing as how I am in Vermont for college, and I have friends who are going too, I had the perfect opportunity this year! I am super pumped about this, for, like I said, this'll be my first time to this sort of thing, so I dont really know what to expect, other than huge crowds and awesomeness. Hope to see some of you guys there!

EDIT: So, PAX East was freaking awesome! Much better than I couldve expected. Just to highlight the main things I did while I was there, I competed in the pokemon event(basically, there were some "gym leaders" you had to fight, and then a "elite four", and a champion as well, but the whole thing was massive, like 29 different gym leaders, though you only had to beat 8). I also got to meet Markiplier in person, and got him to sign my badge! I even got a photo of him! I also met some other semi-famous youtubers, who you guys probably dont know, named Jerma985 and Star_(they mainly make TF2 videos), which was equally as exciting. So yeah, those were the big things I did. I explored the show floor each day, finding something new to check out each day. I didnt get to go to any panels that I wanted to, cuz I didnt realize I had to be there an hour in advance for those things, but it was still okay. I eagerly look forward to future PAX events that I'll get to go to!


Time Flies(Part #)

2013-09-23 20:38:14 by Lionelion

So 2014 is here, and my winter break is already over.

Where the fuck did all the time go?

Time Flies

Heading to Vermont

2013-08-06 16:05:10 by Lionelion

So at the end of the current month at the time of writing this, which is August, I will be heading up to Vermont to attend a college up there called Landmark College. Needless to say, im both excited and nervous at the same time. For one, ive never been that far away alone from my family, but Vermont is a beautiful state, and one of my aunts lives close by to where i'll be attending, and she said I could visit anytime I wanted, so there will be that.
The college isnt a big one, only around 500 students, but they are starting to expand more. This means that i'll be getting more attention from the professors here than from bigger colleges. The college itself is actually a somewhat special college, helping those students who lack study skills/habits. This is the main reason im attending this college, as I can be somewhat lazy and tend to put things off till the last minute, and that's something i'd like to change about myself, and hopefully this college can help me do that.
I'll be driving up on the 27th to attend orientation on the 29th, and classes start on Sept 3rd. Something to note is that this wont be my first time attending college. I wont get into details, but you can probably guess what happened. So since this is the case, I'll be making extra sure not to slack off on my studies. Wish me luck guys!

Training to do a radio show!

2013-06-04 22:38:34 by Lionelion

So this local radio station where Ive been volunteering for the past few months does this once a year thing where they take volunteers and train them to do live on air radio shows, and I was recommended to do the training! There were 2 little seminar talks that we had to attend, just to learn about the basics, what to do, what not to do, how to be prepared, all that stuff. Afterwards, we got to pick out separate dates to get trained within the studio's on air room, and thats when we get to learn about how to run the room, first observing someone in action, and then doing it for ourselves. At first, all we'll get to do is simple stuff, like doing little 15 minute segments, or temporarily filling in for someone if theyre late or something, but soon after, if all goes well, we'll get to request to do our own show!
Needless to say, I was pretty excited about that. My first thought was "VG music. Tons and tons of VG music", but then I stopped, and thought about it for a bit, because odds are not many people who listen to the radio are gonna like VG music, unless I pick like the absolute best VG music from across all games. So then my second thought was "Why not play some music from NG?", and that sounded like a great idea to me, because we have some great music artists on here, but some of them arent getting enough recognition, so I thought I'd do my part, even if its just something small like this(this is a local radio station, so im pretty sure it doesnt get heard outside the city I live in).
Ive already got a little over 100 songs on my ipod that ive downloaded from NG, but at least half of them are VG remixes, so im gonna be looking for more. If anyone knows about some awesome music here on NG that isnt VG themed, please let me know! Im not worrying about sticking to one genre, like rock or classical or techno, so i'll take just about anything you guys throw at me, as long as its good enough! I'll do my best to incorporate it into the radio show i'll(hopefully)be doing!